$10,300 PCA Main Event

Smith Doubles Through Lewis

zedmaster84 • Level 3: 100-200, 200 ante
Elliot Smith and Romain Lewis

A raise to 1,700 was in front of Elliot Smith in the cutoff and Maria Ho on the button called. Romain Lewis in the hijack reraised to more than 7,000. Smith then moved all in for 23,900, which forced out Ho and resulted in a quick call by Lewis.

Elliot Smith: {K-Hearts}{K-Spades}
Romain Lewis: {Q-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts}

The board ran out {9-Spades}{5-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}{7-Hearts} and Smith doubled, sending Lewis to fewer than one third of the starting stack.

Elliot Smith ca 50,000 50,000
Maria Ho us 42,000 4,000
Romain Lewis fr 9,000 -21,000

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