$10,300 PCA Main Event

Assorted Counts and Bustouts

zedmaster84 • Level 3: 100-200, 200 ante

Among others, Brian Yoon and Michael Dyer have been sent to the rail early on Day 1a.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Bob Bounahra bz
Bob Bounahra
bz 52,000 22,000
Pablo Fernandez es
Pablo Fernandez
es 43,000 13,000
Gianluca Speranza it
Gianluca Speranza
it 40,000 40,000
Aleksandr Gofman ru
Aleksandr Gofman
ru 40,000 40,000
Lucas Reeves gb
Lucas Reeves
gb 38,000 9,000
Robert Heidorn de
Robert Heidorn
de 37,000 7,000
Ami Barer ca
Ami Barer
ca 30,000 30,000
Ema Zajmovic ba
Ema Zajmovic
ba 30,000 30,000
Davidi Kitai be
Davidi Kitai
be 30,000 30,000
Harrison Gimbel us
Harrison Gimbel
us 11,000 -19,000
Brian Yoon us
Brian Yoon
us Ausgeschieden
Michael Dyer us
Michael Dyer
us Ausgeschieden
Monique Leonard
Monique Leonard
Jorge Martinez us
Jorge Martinez
us Ausgeschieden
Igor Tregoubov ca
Igor Tregoubov
ca Ausgeschieden

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