$25,000 PokerStars NL Hold'em Players Championship

One for Trofimov and One for Sylvia

• Level 4: 200-400, 400 ante

Harry Lodge opened to 700 from mid-position and Gus Hansen called in the hijack. Sharad Rao three-bet to 4,100 from the small blind and Dragos Trofimov four-bet to 8,600. Lodge and Hansen quickly folded and Rao made the call. The flop came {4-Clubs}{8-Spades}{3-Spades}, Rao now check-folded to the 6,600 continuation-bet of Trofimov.

The hand right after, Jesse Sylvia raised to 700 from the hijack and now Michael Schulz called in the big blind. The flop came {9-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}{4-Clubs} Schulz check-called the 500 continuation-bet of Sylvia. They then both checked through the {5-Clubs} on the turn and the {10-Clubs}. Schulz tabled {q-Spades}{j-Hearts} for Sylvia to take the pot with {a-Spades}{7-Spades}.

Sharad Rao in 106,000
Dragos Trofimov md 77,000
Josh Arieh us 68,000
Jesse Sylvia us 67,000
Harry Lodge gb 51,000
Gus Hansen dk 49,500

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