$100,000 PCA Super High Roller

Greenwood Adds to His Stack

SandraBarbour • Level 17: 20,000-40,000, 40,000 ante

Sam Greenwood, on the cutoff, opened to 85,000 with {k-Clubs}{q-Hearts}. Talal Shakerchi, on the button, called with {j-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}. Chris Hunichen, in the big blind, called as well with {8-Clubs}{7-Clubs}.

Players saw a flop of {2-Hearts}{3-Clubs}{k-Diamonds}. Hunichen checked. Greenwood bet 75,000. Shakerchi called. Hunichen folded.

The turn was the {4-Hearts}. Greenwood threw in another bet of 200,000. Shakerchi folded.

Sam Greenwood ca 7,880,000 310,000
Talal Shakerchi gb 995,000 10,000

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