888Live: Austria

Gesponsert von: 888
Main Event

128 Entries, Guarantee Smashed - Cheers!

Trifon Trifonov

We just received the first official numbers about the first 888live tournament of 2016 - make sure to keep this entry in mind if you are at the venue, you are still in play, and you are looking for a morale boost.

The Main Event drew 128 entries, creating a total prize pool of €41,820 and smashing the €40,000 guarantee offered by 888poker. Unfortunately, not all 128 of them will leave the tournament with the prize, as only the top 15 will exit the tournament room with a cash prize in their pocket.

The Main Event's winner is set to bring home a €11,710 top cash prize (unless a deal is made), while the one lucky enough to survive the bubble and close his adventure with a fifteenth-place position will leave the Innsbruck casino 'only' €795 richer.