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Eight Players Remain in the Hunt to Become the EPT's First Double Male Champion

MarcC • Level 15: 1,500-3,000, 400 ante
Benny Spindler

The hunt for the first double European Poker Tour champion was a story that lasted almost ten seasons and nearly 100 stops. While other major tours around the globe celebrated double, triple and even quadruple champions, the EPT celebrated only new champions at every stop.

The EPT grew into the biggest and richest poker tour in the world and it seemed everyone wanted in. Because of that, it became a lot harder to get out with one trophy, let alone two. Vicky Coren finally got the monkey off the tour’s back by taking down EPT Sanremo in Season 10, seven seasons and a 82 events after she won EPT London on her home turf.

Now that Coren’s won two, what do we look for now? The first man to win two titles, is what!

Generally, a Main Event would get to Day 3 and media covering the event would naturally start seeking out all remaining champions. As a tournament reporter, one gets great satisfaction from tracking the eventual winner’s progress from a long way out. To be able to track a player to a second title would take it to another level.

Here in Malta we’ve made Day 3 of the Main Event so it’s time to seek out those double-chasing players. Eight in all made it through to the start of the day and are listed below in a table showing their previous win and stacks at the start of play.

NameTitleChipsBig Blinds
Jannick WrangEPT8 Campione237,10079
Dominik PankaEPT10 PCA197,30065
Robin YlitaloEPT10 London196,00065
Benny SpindlerEPT8 London149,40049
Kevin SchulzEPT11 PCA127,00042
David VamplewEPT7 London76,60025
Sotirios KoutoupasEPT10 Deauville62,70020
Jake CodyEPT6 Deauville58,00019

All would love to become the first male double champion, but Kevin Schulz, the 2015 PCA Main Event champ, has another achievement to aim for that the others can’t – to be the first player to win two titles in one season. If he were to achieve that it would be remarkable and we could be waiting another 20 seasons without it being repeated.

If you had checked on his stack with 15 minutes to go before the end of Day 2, you would’ve said he had no chance to win. That's because he was sitting with just 15,000 at the time. Somehow the American managed to spin that up to 127,000 by the end of the day to have real momentum for Day 3.

Two players who won’t be joining Vicky Coren as a double champion in Malta are Jake Cody and Sotirios Koutoupas. The Team PokerStars Pro and last season’s Deauville champion came into the day as the two shortest stacks of our former champions and failed to make it past the first level.

Cody three-bet all in with ace-three but Filippo Lazzaretto, who had opened with big slick, called and flopped a king. The Brit was drawing dead by the turn. Koutoupas made it to the river in a pot with Raphael Blouet but folded, which left him short. He busted in unknown action soon after.

Be sure to stick with the PokerNews coverage throughout this Day 3 as we’ll try to keep a close eye on the six players who can still mark out their own little patch of poker history.

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