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Colman, Perkins and Boeree Involved in Epic Lodden Thinks

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Daniel Colman

"We're playing for $5k per question," Dan Colman explained to us after we followed along with two question of Lodden Thinks between him and Bill Perkins, with Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree as the brain.

In Lodden Thinks a question is posed to 'the brain', Boeree in this case, and it's not about whether or not the brain knows the right answer, it's just about what her or she thinks. In this case the first question was as follows.

"How much does the biggest earner in cricket make per year," Colman asked Boeree, while Perkins immediately jumped up in his seat.

"I got no clue about cricket, I know absolutely nothing about it," Perkins said, assuming there was some sort of angle here.

"I don't know anything either," Colman responded, "I just saw it on the TV behind you."

There were indeed some cricket highlights playing in the background, and Boeree started pondering her answer.

After a while Boeree reached into her pocket and wrote the number down in her phone, and the bidding commenced.

"One million," Colman started.

"Ten million," Perkins snapped back.

"11," Colman went.

After a back and forth Perkins set the line at $17 million and Colman took the under.

"Hold it," Perkins then said to Boeree, as she couldn't reveal her number just yet.

Colman wanted to up their bet to $10,000 for this question and Perkins obliged.

"$325,000," Boeree then said was her number, and both players were shocked.

Colman won the bet, but both were very surprised about how low Boeree's number was.

"It doesn't matter," Olivier Busquet laughed as Boeree was trying to explain her reasoning, "The brain never makes anyone happy."

Boeree said that she thought that cricket players in the UK aren't very famous, and that she couldn't name a single one despite being from one of the biggest cricket countries.

Yours truly immediately looked up the actual number, and the entire table burst out in laughter, amazed with the actual number.

MS Dohni makes $5.7 million per year on his contract, while also receiving $23 million in endorsements putting him at $28.7 million earned in 2015.

Perkins seemed happy in hindsight that they went up as far as they did, but he still lost $10,000 betting on this question.

"Of course those guys make a ton of money, the sport is huge in India," Perkins added, as they went through the list of highest earners in cricket.

The very next question was posed by Perkins almost immediately, and the two kept at it while they were playing in a tournament with a $50,000 buy in as well.

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