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Alvarado's Attempt at Sabotaging Busquet Strict Diet

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Olivier Busquet

The $150,000 MMA fight is still quite some time away between JC Alvarado and Olivier Busquet, but the former just made an attempt at hijacking the latter's dietary restraints.

Alvarado called yours truly over, explaining he had ordered a beer and chips for Busquet, who was sitting one table over. The players at Alvarado's table got a good chuckle out of the joke even before his Tuesday night snack was delivered.

When the waitress arrived with the beer and chips, Alvarado explained where it had to be delivered, and the friendly waitress followed the instructions.

"Here you go sir," the waitress said to a dumbfounded Busquet.

Confused, Busquet said, "I didn't order that," but the waitress placed the bag of chips on the rail while handing him the beer and a plastic cup.

"It's a gift," the smiling waitress said.

"From who?" Busquet asked, as Alvarado and the players at his table could not stop laughing.

Ole Schemion, facing Busquet, and seeing Alvarado's laughter in the background as he was in his direct line of sight, laughed out loud as he immediately understood what was going on.

"From that gentleman," the waitress pointed at Alvarado, and Busquet now started laughing as well.

"It's a joke," Busquet tried to explain to the waitress, "And I don't want it."

As the waitress left, Busquet put the bag of chips and the beer under his seat, and with a big smile on his face he continued playing.

Asked when he had last had a beer and chips, Busquet said, "Oh man, I really can't remember. It must've been a long-long time ago."

"Clean living," Busquet added with a smile, "I break my diet sometimes for something I really, really want, but not for some barbecue chips and a beer."

When we inquired whether or not Busquet could be tempted with any food to break his strict diet, he said, "Well, if it was New York cheesecake or some Sour Patch Kids, then it would've been a different story."

Alvarado's first attempt at sabotaging Busquet preparations did not go according to plan, but knowing that cheesecake or candy could do the trick he might be sending over some boxes to the Busquet residence.

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