€5,300 Main Event

Jacks Good for Obreshkov Against Lacay

Jaxon • Level 18: 4,000-8,000, 1,000 ante

Stoyan Obreshkov opened for 23,000 from early position and got a call from Ludovic Lacay from the big blind. Obreshkov bet 18,000 after Lacay checked on the {4-Spades}{10-Clubs}{3-Clubs} flop.

Lacay called and then led out for 56,000 when the {9-Clubs} appeared on the turn. Obreshkov called and the {9-Diamonds} completed the board on the river.

Lacay tanked for a minute before checking. Obreshkov thought for a minute or two before firing out for 160,000. Lacay tanked for several minutes before making the call. Obreshkov turned over {j-Hearts}{j-Clubs} and Lacay lightly tapped the table before he tossed his cards into the muck.

Obreshkov became the second player of the tournament to pass the 1 million chip count with 1,110,000 while Lacay's chip stack took a hit and was down to 350,000.

Stoyan Obreshkov bg 1,110,000 298,000
Ludovic Lacay fr 350,000 -210,000

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