€5,300 Main Event

Derek Decamps One of the Early Casualties

Jaxon • Level 9: 500-1,000, 100 ante

Yesterday we reported that the EPT is sometimes a family affair as was the case with the Decamps. Florian Decamps was eliminated in the middle of Day 1b, while Derek Decamps' day yesterday started off slightly better before his stack dwindled down to around 9,000.

Derek Decamps was able to bag up 20,100 for the day, however, if he wasn't the first one eliminated on Day 2, he was very close to it. His tournament was over on the very first hand of today after he shoved all-in from the big blind after an opponent raised to 3,000 from mid-position. His opponent called. Decamps turned over {a-}{k-} and was unable to get help from the board against his opponent who turned over {4-}{4-}.

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