€5,300 Main Event

"I Get Whatever I Ask"

Jaxon • Level 6: 250-500, 75 ante

Martin Kabrhel is once again in a talkative mood and it seems at least temporarily that his rollercoaster ride is over with his stack continuing to rise.

In a recent hand, he opened the action from middle position for 800. Kenny Hallaert called from middle position before a third player shoved all in for more than 8,000. Kabrhel quickly called and Hallaert folded. Kabrhel showed {k-Spades}{10-Spades} and his opponent turned over {a-Spades}{q-} and asked the dealer for a king.

To Kabrhel's delight, a king hit the board on the {3-}{k-}{7-} flop at which point his opponent said "Good game" despite still holding a handful of outs. The pot was shipped over to Kabrhel and shared with the dealer, "I like you. I get whatever I ask."

Martin Kabrhel cz 85,000 19,000

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