€50,000 Super High Roller

Thorel Binks the Turn to Double

[user249920] • Level 5: 1,200-2,400, 400 ante

We heard the dealer counting out an all-in bet from Jean-Noel Thorel, and Jason Wheeler was asking how much he had to pay. The board had run out {j-Spades}{6-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}{8-Diamonds}{3-Spades} and Thorel's count was 216,200. He had a pair of eights in front of him for a turned set, and Wheeler's cards were already in the muck; they were reportedly {a-Diamonds}{j-Hearts} and Thorel had shoved over a turn bet after calling the flop in a three-bet pot.

Jean-Noel Thorel fr 475,000 225,000
Jason Wheeler us 160,000 -191,000

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