€10,300 High Roller

Palumbo Sends Bicknell to the Rail

zedmaster84 • Level 8: 500-1,000, 100 ante

In front of Kristen Bicknell was a squeeze to 17,200 and she had around 30,000 behind when Rocco Palumbo on the button moved all in with the superior stack. Bicknell called and had three outs or some straight miracle ahead to stay in.

Kristen Bicknell: {A-Spades}{K-Clubs}
Rocco Palumbo: {K-Hearts}{K-Spades}

The {8-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{3-Clubs} flop wasn't quite exciting just yet, but the {10-Clubs} turn made things interesting with the flush draw. However, a blank {10-Diamonds} on the river failed to improve Bicknell and she headed to the rail.

Rocco Palumbo it 230,000 10,000
Kristen Bicknell ca Ausgeschieden

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