€10,300 High Roller

Wilf Bets Flop and River

Webjoker • Level 2: 100-200, 25 ante

Steven van Zadelhoff opened for 500 and his neighbor Sameer Khurana three-bet to 1,500 from the hijack. Saar Wilf flat called from the button and Van Zadelhoff called as well to make it three-handed.

The flop came {8-Spades}{8-Clubs}{Q-Hearts} and both Van Zadelhoff and Khurana checked. Wilf bet 2,500 and Van Zadelhoff folded, Khurana called. Both then checked the {9-Clubs} on the turn before the {3-Spades} completed the board. Khurana checked again, and folded to Wilf's 5,000-bet.

Saar Wilf il 52,000
Steven van Zadelhoff nl 40,100 -9,900

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