€5,300 Main Event

Davenport Runs Ace-Jack into Queens

[user20283] • Level 22: 8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante

Evangelos Terzoudis just raised to 35,000 after which Matthew Davenport moved all in from the button for 180,000. Andjelko Andrejevic moved all in over the top for 380,000 from the small blind, and Terzoudis folded.

Andrejevic: {Q-Spades}{Q-Hearts}
Davenport: {A-Clubs}{J-Clubs}

The board ran out {J-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}{9-Spades}{2-Spades} and Davenport was knocked out.

Andy Andrejevic us 595,000 205,000
Matthew Davenport GB Ausgeschieden

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