€5,300 Main Event

Among the Trees

[user127999] • Level 14: 1,200-2,400, 300 ante
Erik Seidel

It's easy to hide in a field of this size. You get moved from table to table, playing in relative obscurity as you weave your way through the minefield of players and up the chip count ladder.

There's even a dark spot in the room here in Monaco. Underneath one of the massive video screens sits a table where it's a little more difficult to see the chips, cards, and other players.

Even if you're a 6'4"-plus legend of the game, you can fly under the radar there, and that's exactly what Erik Seidel has done today. Starting the day as a relative short stack, he's been moved around and now sits over in the dark spot, suddenly emerging over the last level as one of the leaders with over 350,000 in chips.

This Poker Hall of Famer will be on the radar from here on out, he's made sure of that.

Erik Seidel us 360,000 10,000

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