€5,300 Main Event

Lew Loses Some More

zedmaster84 • Level 12: 800-1,600, 200 ante

Randy Lew is still in excellent shape but just dropped a few more chips in a three-way pot against Martin Finger and Vlad Darie. The latter had just won the WPT Vienna earlier this year and then finished second in the inaugural WPT tournament of champions.

Lew bet the {Q-Spades}{7-Spades}{2-Diamonds} flop from early position and DRIE called the 5,300, Finger check-folded out of the big blind. On the {4-Hearts} turn. Lew slowed down and checked, Darie bet 7,700 and that shut down all further action.

Randy Lew us 230,000 -25,000
Vlad Darie ro 85,000 -25,000
Martin Finger de 80,000 -20,000

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