€5,300 Main Event

A Friend Of Ours

[user127999] • Level 3: 100-200, 0 ante
Felipe Ramos

Brazilian Friend of PokerStars Felipe Ramos had a deep run in the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino EPT Grand Final €10,300 Single Reentry High Roller a few days ago, earning €74,100 for a seventh-place finish.

And so it would seem that Ramos understands a poker tournament is more akin to a marathon than a sprint. This evidenced by the fact a slow start to the day has not phased Ramos one bit, as he opened to 500 from early position moments ago, getting one caller and going heads up to a {q-Clubs}{9-Clubs}{7-Hearts} flop.

Ramos fired out 1,200 and his opponent open folded the {k-Diamonds}{j-Hearts} gutshot. Ramos did not show, but appears to have righted the ship after taking on a little water in the first two levels.

Felipe Ramos br 28,000 -4,000

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