€25,750 High Roller

Break with Three Remaining

zedmaster84 • Level 27: 40,000-80,000, 10,000 ante

The players have been sent on a 15-minute break and the last few hands of the level barely brought any excitement. Rafael Da Silva Moraes first open-shoved the small blind and then raised to 160,000 from the button and folded to the shove of chip leader Alexandru Papazian. Papazian made it 200,000 to go from the small blind the very next hand and then folded to the shove of Moraes.

Alexandru Papazian ro 7,880,000 -20,000
Alexandros Kolonias gr 1,960,000 -440,000
Rafael Da Silva Moraes BR 1,510,000 -170,000

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