€25,750 High Roller

[Removed:2] Eliminated in 5th Place (€364,500)

zedmaster84 • Level 27: 40,000-80,000, 10,000 ante

[Removed:2] moved all in from early position for 440,000 and Alexandru Papazian called from one seat over, as did Alexandros Kolonias in the big blind. The two remaining active players checked the flop {A-Diamonds}{K-Diamonds}{7-Clubs} before Kolonias check-folded the {10-Diamonds} turn.

Maksoud: {A-Clubs}{2-Spades}
Papazian: {A-Hearts}{10-Clubs}

The {Q-Diamonds} river failed to improve Maksoud, who could have just chopped the pot only anyways with a king, and he exited in 5th place for a payout of €364,500.

Alexandru Papazian ro 4,460,000 -840,000
Alexandros Kolonias gr 2,400,000 746,000
[Removed:2] LB Ausgeschieden

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