€25,750 High Roller

Yan Makes Move; Busts

zedmaster84 • Level 17: 4,000-8,000, 1,000 ante

[Removed:17] raised from under the gun for slightly more than the minimum and Imad Derwiche flat-called from one seat over to go heads-up to the flop {J-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}. Yan continued for 20,000 and Derwiche raised to 80,000, picking up a call.

On the {6-Diamonds} turn both players checked and Yan shoved the {7-Hearts} river for 216,000. Derwiche counted his stack and was covered, he did call though and put himself at risk with the {J-Clubs}{J-Spades} for 199,000. Yan flashed {K-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts} for a busted double draw and was left with a mere two big blinds. Derwiche jumped to almost twice the average and the Frenchman came second to Charlie Carrel in this very event last season.

One hand later, Daniel Negreanu raised the button with {A-Hearts}{9-Spades} and Yan called all in from the big blind with {2-Spades}{3-Spades}. The board ran out {J-Clubs}{8-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds} and that was it for Yan.

Imad Derwiche fr 610,000 326,000
[Removed:17] NZ Ausgeschieden

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