€25,750 High Roller

Mantel's Nuts Beat Nitsche's Second Nuts

zedmaster84 • Level 2: 100-200, 25 ante
Ariel Mantel

On the four-way turn {J-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}{2-Spades}{10-Clubs}, the action was checked to Dominik Nitsche and he bet 2,400 out of the big blind. All opponents called and the {3-Diamonds} fell on the river. Ariel Mantel bet 14,000 and Nitsche was the only caller, the German immediately asked "do you have the nut flush?" and Mantel indeed flashed {A-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds}.

Nitsche grinned and mucked the {K-Diamonds} and another diamond for second nut flush ...

Ariel Mantel ar 70,000 20,000
Dominik Nitsche de 37,000 37,000

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