€100,000 Super High Roller

Raouf Busts to Choi

zedmaster84 • Level 9: 3,000-6,000, 1,000 ante

At the same time as Jason Mercier enforced a fold from Christoph Vogelsang, another big pot was played a few meters over on table three. There were 320,000 chips in the middle with the board reading {K-Diamonds}{K-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}{J-Hearts} and Ibrahim Raouf had shoved for what looked like 159,000.

Stanley Choi had that beat by just two big blinds and took his time before making the decision to call or fold. He eventually did call and Raouf mucked, claiming he had pocket aces. Choi's {K-Spades}{Q-Spades} won the pot and he effectually doubled up his stack. Dan Smith said "I thought you had it there" and Choi added he was afraid of pocket nines, Smith had put Raouf on the very same hand.

Stanley Choi hk 640,000 285,000
Ibrahim Raouf SE Ausgeschieden

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