€5,300 Main Event

Durnegger Shoves, Mortensen Builds Stack

zedmaster84 • Level 24: 15,000-30,000, 5,000 ante

Morten Mortensen check-called two bets on a board of {Q-Hearts}{10-Clubs}{3-Hearts}{5-Hearts}{2-Hearts} and was good with the {K-Clubs}{Q-Clubs}, as Yordan Mihaylov Petrov only had third pair and tried to steal the pot.

The next hand, Uri Reichenstein raised to 75,000 and Petrov called on the button, as did Markus Durnegger in the big blind. On the {K-Clubs}{J-Hearts}{10-Spades} flop, Durnegger checked and Reichstein forced two folds by betting 140,000.

Durnegger three-bet all in for 625,000 the next hand out of the small blind and initial raiser Simon Lofberg folded.

Uri Reichenstein il 3,000,000
Morten Mortensen dk 2,300,000 700,000
Yordan Mihaylov Petrov BG 1,150,000 -400,000
Markus Durnegger at 800,000 200,000

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