€5,300 Main Event

Virtanen Leaves Adam Feeling Jaguscik

• Level 16: 2,500-5,000, 500 ante

A huge hand developed when a raising war pre-flop ended in Aki Virtanen being all-in and at risk for 131,500 and called by Adam Jaguscik. It was a coin-flip, with Jaguscik's {J-Hearts}{J-Diamonds} up against Virtanen's {A-Spades}{Q-Diamonds} .

The flop of {10-Clubs}{J-Clubs}{8-Clubs} put Jaguscik well ahead with a set, but although neither player held a club, the turn of {9-Hearts} gave Virtanen a straight. The {A-Clubs} on the river confirmed Virtanen's double-up to 270,000 and Jaguscik, skittled down to just four big blinds, slammed fresh air in front of him, distraught at the run-out.

Aki Virtanen fi 270,000 77,500
Adam Jaguscik PL 25,000 -152,500

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