€5,300 Main Event

Holozlu Shows His Quality

• Level 11: 800-1,600, 200 ante

Until a few minutes ago, Raffaele Castro was chip leader, but he isn't any more after a dramatic hand with Alisan Holozlu. Castro made the opening raise to 9,000 and Holozlu three-bet to 21,600. Castro called, and the two men saw a flop of {5-Diamonds}{A-Clubs}{9-Clubs} . Holozlu led for 16,000 and Castro called.

The turn of {Q-Diamonds} saw Holo check. Castro paused before doing so to give his opponent a stare-down, which could easily have looked imposing, coming as it did from behind so many chips.

"You have King-King, yeah? I check."

The river of a {K-Spades} gave both players a decision. Holozlu moved all-in for 57,800! Castro now looked in some anguish, and asked if Holozlu would show if he folded.

"If you ask me after the hand...I'll show you. I'll show you one."

Castro folded his hand.

"You want to see?" asked Holozlu? Without receiving an answer, he turned over {J-Hearts}{2-Clubs} and a friendly discussion about the hand broke out between the two men.

"I just nearly cost myself five thousand." said Holozlu. Instead, he's nearly doubled his stack. Castro has lost the chip lead, down to still imperious 289,500 chips.

Raffaele Castro it 289,500 -20,500
Alisan Holozlu DE 136,000 57,500