€5,300 Main Event

Bart Fergiatakis' EPT Gift

KaleGozer • Level 5: 200-400, 50 ante

Bart Fergiatakis is currently sitting at 75,000, courtesy of what he described as an "EPT-gift." According to Fergiatakis, he was holding {K-}{J-} when he saw a {A-}{Q-}{10-} flop with two other players. After a bet from Steve O'Dwyer, another player shoved for 50,000, a huge overbet. Fergiatakis called 40,000 all in and got shown {8-}{6-} for no pair, no draw.

"The table is still talking about it," laughed Fergiatakis.

Fergiatakis is also one of the qualifiers who visited PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu's workshop this morning. "The positivity of Negreanu stayed with me the most," Fergiatakis remarked. "Never tell bad beat stories, focus on the positive things. He's almost a positivity guru!"

Bart Fergiatakis nl 75,000 40,000

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