€25,500 Single-Day High Roller

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zedmaster84 • Level 22: 60,000-120,000, 20,000 ante

Hand 1

Pratyush Buddiga raised to 250,000 from under the gun and scooped the blinds and antes.

Hand 2

[Removed:17] raised to 300,000 first to act, and Andrey Shatilov called on the button. The {Q-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}{3-Hearts} flop and the {8-Spades} turn went check, check. After the {J-Hearts} river, Yan bet 800,000 and Shatilov folded.

Hand 3

Tobias Reinkemeier shoved for 900,000 and won the blinds and antes.

Hand 4

Reinkemeier moved all in again, there was no call.

Hand 5

Shatilov shoved from the small blind and Reinkemeier folded in the big blind.

[Removed:17] NZ 6,700,000 420,000
Pratyush Buddiga us 4,300,000 -160,000
Andrey Shatilov ru 4,175,000 -475,000
Tobias Reinkemeier de 1,400,000 160,000

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