2013 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

$10,000 Main Event
Tage: 6

Danchev Flops Nuts; Doubles

Dimitar Danchev (Day 5)
Dimitar Danchev (Day 5)

Jerry Wong raised to 120,000 from under the gun plus one. Dimitar Danchev flatted out of the small blind and Andrey Shatilov called from the big as well.

The trio saw a monotone flop of {10-Clubs}{2-Clubs}{8-Clubs} and there were two checks to Wong. He continued for 175,000 only to have Danchev come over the top for 430,000. Shatilov got out of the way and Wong announced that he was all in. Danchev snapped him off and the hands were tabled.

Danchev: {A-Clubs}{Q-Clubs}
Wong: {K-Clubs}{k-Hearts}

Danchev had flopped the nuts and was a huge favorite to double up. Wong would need a miracle turn and the {A-Spades} that fell was not it. Danchev was now guaranteed a double as the meaningless {8-Spades} dropped down on the river. With this win Wong has fallen out of the chip lead and Danchev doubled to about 4.14 million.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Jerry Wong us
Jerry Wong
5,425,000 -1,875,000
Dimitar Danchev bg
Dimitar Danchev
4,140,000 2,195,000
EPT 1X Winner

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