$10,000 Main Event

Moneymaker Eliminated

Chris Moneymaker

We noticed that Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker, who finished 11th in this event back in 2011, was no longer in the field, and we made our way to his old table to find out what happened.

One of the players at the table informed us that Moneymaker held {K-Spades}{7-Spades} while an unknown opponent had {A-}{8-}. There was a little action on the flop, which included an {8-} and {7-} along with a spade, but it wasn't until the {8-Spades} turn that the money went in. The {A-Clubs} river failed to help Moneymaker, and he failed to duplicate his 2011 success and took his leave here on Day 1b.

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Chris Moneymaker
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