Super High Roller

Deal or No Deal?

[user66118] • Level 17: 20,000-40,000, 5,000 ante

Dan Shak and Galen Hall have been talking about a deal for nearly an hour now, but nothing had come to fruition. They were very close to locking something up before they addressed the potential tax implications, and that put a halt on the talks. Both men assumed that their official payout would be recorded as it reads on the prize pool, and they didn't want to have to deal with a resulting heap of tax paperwork.

The event's Executive Host, Neil Johnson came to the rescue just a moment ago, though. He informed the players that the staff would adjust the reported payouts based on any deals the players made. The only catch was that all three players had to agree. Shak and Hall quickly settled on a save amount to be paid by the higher-finishing player, but nothing was official yet.

The outcome depended on Blom, and he didn't take much exception at first. As the deal came together though, it appears Blom reconsidered and decided that it wasn't in his best interest to allow the other two to deal. "It's like when you're the chip leader on the bubble," he explained. "And the bubble is quite small."

Though the deal doesn't affect him directly, Blom realized that allowing a save might make things tougher on him, and he's put the wrench in that plan for now.

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