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Karr Folds The River

McLean Karr

There was a raise to 325 from under the gun before Kyriakos Mitsopoylos three-bet from the button making it 952 to play. The small blind moved out of the way and McLean Karr peeked at his cards in the big blind. The American liked what he saw because he four-bet to 2,075. There were a few smirks around the table (suggesting the Karr raise was not a new phenomenon) before the initial raiser folded. Mitsopoylos made the call and the two of them saw a flop of {A-Spades} {9-Clubs} {3-Spades}. Karr check-called a 2,750 Mitsopoylos bet and we saw the {10-Clubs} on the turn. Once again the action went check-call and the bet size was 5,025. The last card on the river was the {2-Clubs} and when Karr checked his opponent moved all-in.

"How much is it? I am pretty sure I have to call," Said Karr.

The amount was 12.225 and Karr went deep into thought before eventually folding his hand.

"You have ace-king? You have one pair?" Asked Mitsopoylos.

"I mucked my hand didn't I?" Replied Karr.

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McLean Karr us
McLean Karr
us 50,000 3,600

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