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Kent Lundmark Doubles Up And Eliminates Paul Ribaud

Kent Lundmark

Former EPT Champion Kent Lundmark has just received a nice early Christmas present from Paul Ribaud. In fact Ribaud was so eager to hand his presents to Lundmark he didn't even wrap them. 20,000 chips - thank you very much!

Lundmark opened under-the-gun to 325 and Ribaud made it 1,350 two seats to his left. A third player called on the button before the action fell back to Lundmark who four-bet to 4,425. Paul Ribaud moved all-in, the player on the button took a side-step and Lundmark made the call.

Lundmark{A-Spades} {K-Spades}
Ribaud{A-Spades} {10-Diamonds}

Ribaud moved into an unlikely lead when the dealer gave us the flop of {10-Clubs} {5-Hearts} {3-Diamonds}, but the turn and river came to the rescue of our previous champion. The {J-Diamonds} and {Q-Clubs} giving Lundmark a straight and he was up to around 50,000 in chips. Ribaud was a goner.

Spieler Chips Fortschritt
Kent Lundmark se
Kent Lundmark
se 50,000 20,000
Paul Ribaud
Paul Ribaud

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