$25,000 Challenge

How Much for Seidel To Change His Name to Frankenberger?

[user68268] • Level 6: 500-1,000, 100 ante

Antonio Esfandiari and his table had taken a bit of a break from the "Lodden Thinks" antics, but it's now back. The question was our reporters was, "How much would it take Erik Seidel to officially and legally change his last name to Frankenberger?"

Our reporters were allowed to consult between the three of them and come up with a number. After locking it in, the bidding took place. Esfandiari bought the under of $5.7 million, but he suffered his first Lodden Thinks loss of the day as our reporters had settled on $8.5 million.

Then, the table were curious about how much Seidel would actually do it for. "Would you do it for $8.5 million?" Esfandiari asked Seidel.

"Aaaahhhhh, I don't know," responded Seidel hesitantly.

"I think you'd have to, though, right?" said Esfandiari.

"I guess so, eight and a half million is a lot of money," finished Seidel.

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